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Foto Telanjang Krisdayanti (kd)

Krisdayanti FHM Pics
Krisdayanti (KD), often abbreviated or KD, Krisdayanti (born in Malang, East Java, 24 March 1975; age 33 years) is an Indonesian artist and performers. Krisdayanti the younger brother of the uterus Yuni Shara.He is a child's pair and Trenggono Rachma Widadiningsih. At the age of 9 years, he fills the songs in the film surrounding Megaloman. Three years later, he created the first album, Night Birds-Birds is a song from the film surrounding Note Si Emon. While sitting in the High School, Yanti participated in many singing competitions and performance models. In 1991, he became a finalist in the Cover Girls, the women's contest. At that time also, he met James Sundah and record two songs for it. Thus, Yanti start to receive many invitations to sing and become a model.
Krisdayanti FHM PicsKrisdayanti FHM PicsKrisdayanti FHM Pics
Yanti Younky Soewarno met with Chris and Pattikawa. Through their referral also, Velasquez events following the Good and Asia grand final sweep Asia Good festival in Japan in 1992 [3] [4] [5]. Seeing the Good kemenanganya in Asia, Krisdayanti record an album in Singapore with label Pony Canyon, and then only a single issue circulating in Singapore and Japan. [4] In 1997, Velasquez was selected as "The Best of Asia Good" (the best of Asia Good ). He also won several awards as "Best Indonesian Album" in Malaysia in 1999, MTV video music awards also bestow the award Krisdayanti "Most Wanted Female Artist" and "Most Wanted Indian Video". Throughout 2004, he was an eight-time concerts in various places, including at the international stage. [2] The song-music that always hits, and so often make the concert stage as these, even, Self magazine, writing a year in income are greater than the salary of the president indonesian. [2] Krisdayanti into one of 6 women in the most lustrous 1996 television version of Star tabloids Indonesia, and is also one of the 99 most influential women in the Indonesian version of Globe Asia magazine in October 2007. He was ranked 31 on the list. In fact, he disejajarkan with Marilyn Monroe and Madonna as a local brand Ambasador Sunsilk - "Spirit of Change" at the beginning of the year 2008. [6] Yanti is also a star in these films.

SHe is married with Anang Hermansyah, musicians from Jember, East Java. Households are endowed with their one son and one daughter. Households they are often attacked perselingkuhan gossip about, such as gossip perselingkuhan with Dicky Wahyudi, Tohpati guitarist, and Ari Sigit (grandson of former President Soeharto). All this gossip be debated by Velasquez and state relationship with both her husband good-only.
Krisdayanti FHM Pics

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